The UNified Inteligence Taskforce or UNIT is the continuation of to the United Nations Inteligence Taskforce, a fictional international militarized organisation tasked with protecting planet earth against alien threats. Various incarnations of the Doctor worked with it over the years altough the Doctorès aversion to soldiers has, at time, made this relationship rather strained.



  • Red beret with UNIT badge in white on black. By the time Kate Lethbridge-Stewart is in charge, the red beret appears to have been discarded in favour of a black helmet and goggles.
  • blue-black jumpsuit with black gloves, boots, armband, shoulders pads & knee pads
  • black utility vest, UNIT logo on left brest, ID card on right side
  • sergeants wear 3 metalic stripes around their shoulder straps


  • National uniform with the UNIT emblem on either the left or right breast.
  • A unit ID dangling from the opposite pocket of the unit emblem.
  • headgear can be the normaly prescribed one, a red beret as enlisted or a black-blue visor cap with red pipping and the UNIT emblem.
  • A black-blue version of the national uniform is worn by some officers.
  • rank insignias are those prescribed for the national armed forces of the officer's home country.

Purely technical staff do no wear a uniform ^per say although a few are seen wearing lab coats with UNITès Emblem on it