Omerta was a Quebec tv show that spanned 3 series (Omerta, la loi du silence [1996], Omerta II - La loi du silence [1997] & Omerta: Le dernier homme d'honneur [1999]) as well as a movie (Omerta [2012]). The story centers around Inspecteur Pierre Gauthier from the Organised Crime Unit of the fictional Sûreté Nationale.

Sûreté NationaleEdit


Sûreté Nationale's shoulder patch

The Sûreté Nationale, a very thinly disguised stand-in for the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), the provincial police force of Québec, Canada. Personnel seen wearing a uniform have one which is seemingly identical to their real-life counterpart although none is seen wearing rank insignias.

The organisation patch is inspired more by the car livery of the SQ used in the 1990s then by the shoulder patch used by the service at that time.

Police Ville de MontréalEdit


Police Ville de Montréal's shoulder patch

Although the current police service on the island of Montreal bears the same name, the name of the service at the time of the series was the Service de Police de la Communeauté Urbaine de Montréal (SPCUM) making it, just like the Sûreté Nationale, a thinly veiled standy-in for the a real-life police service.

Uniform worn looked identical to the SPCUM one with a simplified version of the shoulder patch with an upside down logo and different service name.

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