the Groupement national des sapeurs-pompiers of Benin is a corps of the Beninese army charged with firefighting and rescue operations. As such, it is a militarized and not civilian institution.

The head of the GNSP is a Colonel with the heads of each barracks (i.e. fire stations) having the ranks of Sergent-Chef.


In addition to the army's camouflage battledress, 2 commonly seen uniforms are a dark blue 2 pieces boiler suit with shoulder flaps and a reflective line across the chest and a grey service dress uniform composed of pants, short sleeve jacket with shoulder flaps and gold buttons worn over a dark grey t-shirt.

Ranks are indicated by gold embroidery on soft red fabric shoulder slides. Enlisted men have 0-3 chevrons pointing up under crossed water hose nozzles while officers have 1-5 bars under the same.

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