The Department of Home Security was a civilian organisation under the control of the Australian government during the period from 1941 to 1946. Its main function was to advise the government of civil defence matters as well as research and development.

A section within the DHS was setup to study camouflage and its application with those working within it becoming known as "camoufleurs", the word being taken from the french.

Their task was to design camouflage pattern as well as more generaly to come up with means of concealements for the armed forces personnel, materiel and bases. Part of their job was also to go on the field to teach proper application of camouflage principles,

Despite the term "accredited camoufleur" on their shoulder flash, their official title following 1943 was "Camouflage Officer"


Personnel of the camouflage section originally operated in civilian clothes. In 1943, male personnel were eventually authorised to wear standard tropical RAAF uniforms although as they were not allowed to wear that service's buttons, or other distinguishing attributes.

No rank insignias were ever authorized and to indicate their function, distinctive shoulder flashes were issued. Their emblem, shown on their cap and shoulder slides, was a tiger holding a palm leaf issuing from an heraldic torse. 

Although a number of female served in the camouflage section, none were ever issued with an uniform as they were not expected to serve in the field.