Coriolanus is a 2011 british film directed and staring Ralph Fienes in the title role. It is based on the play "the tragedy of Coriolanus" by William Shakespear and altoughs it retain the same storyline and dialogue, the original setting of ancient rome has been updated to a modern one.



At least 3 different types of uniforms can be seen worm by soldiers. 

Combat uniform:Edit

the shirt and pants appears to be identical to US digital camo with the rank insignia worn at the front. 

Dress uniform:Edit

a greyish uniform

Ceremonial uniform:Edit

a dark blue uniform with a closed circular collar and a red passepoil along the edge. worn with a dark blue visor cap with red hatband, white gloves and a lanyard (colour varies) 

Rank Insignias:Edit

rank insignias do not appear to be based on any particular country. Coriolanus, as a general, wear a single "winged sword in a circle" pip while cominius wear 4 of them. A soldier who appears to be the equivalent of a private or low ranking NCO wears a sort of chevron and horizontal stripe.



the volsce wear a mixture of military and civilian clothing. While this means that no single volsce can be truly said to be wearing a "uniform", the general colour scheme (brown and olive green) gives them a certain sense of distinctiveness next to the army of Rome. 

A number of them do wear a patch on their left arm featuring the volsce emblem: a snarling wolf

In term of rank insignia, Aufidius wears 3 chevrons pointing up over a star, all in red, on his shoulder straps and one of his lieutenant, only 3 chevrons.