The Chester's Mill Sheriff Department is the organisation tasked with law enforcement in the fictional town of Chester's Mill in the US TV series Under the Dome.


The uniform is composed on a long sleeve pale blue shirt with shoulder flaps and 2 breast pockets with shield shaped department patch worn on the upper arms. A metalic gold nametag is worn above the right breast pocket and the rank badge above the left breast pocket.

The pants are blue-black and an optional blue-black tie appears to be worn by some.

Rank InisgniasEdit

The hierarchy appears to consists of only 2 ranks: Sheriff and Deputy. The first wear above the left breast pocket a gold five pointed star with, in the center, the words "Sheriff" and "Chester's Mill" around a dark blue circle containing another five pointed star. The Deputy's badge is similar but the larger star is contained in a circle on which is written "Deputy" and "Chester's Mill" with only the smaller star and circle in the middle.