The Canadian Aboriginal War veterans (CAWV) is an association of first nations army veterans from the various services.


Summer DressEdit

The "summer dress" consists of:

  • a burgundy beret with a metalic gold CAWV emblem cap badge
  • black pants
  • a white short sleeves shirt with 2 breast pocket and shoulder flaps
    • on the upper shoulders are organisation patches
    • on each collars are metalic gold CAWV emblems
    • soft burgundy cloth slides are worn on the shoulder flaps.

The slides display a number of golden horizontal stripes the number of which is equal to the level within the organisation:

level 5 National Chairman of the Board Level 4 National President / National Officer Commanding Level 3 National Vice-President / National First Officer / National Sergeant At Arms / National Second Officer / National Service Officers Level 2 National Secretary / National Treasurer / Regional Officer

members of CAWN who are not officiers wear slides display an embroidered association emblem on their shoulder slides, either a version of the cap badge or of the formal blaser breast patch.

Winter DressEdit

The "winter dress" consist of the summer dress with the addition of:

  • a burgundy tie.
  • a black knitted long sleeve woolen jumper with shoulder flaps (and rank slides)
  • a black windcheater with shoulder flaps (and rank slides)

Special Event DressEdit

The "special events dress" resemble the summer dress with the following modification:

  • the white shirt is replaced with a long sleeves black shirt
  • an assumption belt is worn around the waist.

Formal DressEdit

The "formal dress" consist of the summer dress with the addition of:

  • a single breast burgundy blaser
    • an organisation patch on the left breast.
    • golden stripes going around the cuffs the number of which is the same as for the shoulder slides worn on the shirt.
    • a golden name tag worn on the right breast
  • a burgundy tie.

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