The Armée de Terre is the land component of the armed forces of Burkina Faso. As of 2016, the army is split into 3 military regions and apart from units that act in a purely supportive role, it is composed of:

  • 5 commando infantry regiments
  • 2 inter-service regiments
  • 1 artillery regiment
  • 1 airborne regiment


The army of Burkina Faso, due to their colonial past, currently wear french style rank insignias normaly worn on medium blue rank slides (the colour is black for navy, dark blue for air force and red for the fire brigade).

With few exceptions, the emblem above the rank insignia is the same for all members of the army: 2 crossed spears behind a shield in a thin wreath for all ranks up to generals and the same in a thick wreath onward. The actual insignias have a black outline around them

Titles Insignias
Soldat de 2e classe blank shoulder slide
Soldat de 1re classe 1 red chrevron
Caporal 2 red chrevrons below a thin gold chevron
Sergent 1 gold chevron
Sergent-chef 3 gold chevrons
Adjudant 1 silver bar with a thin red bar throughout
Adjudant-chef 1 gold bar with a thin red bar throughout
Adjudant-chef major 1 gold bar with a thin red bar throughout below a thin gold line
Sous-lieutenant 1 gold bar
Lieutenant 2 gold bars together
Capitaine 3 gold bars together
Commandant/chef de bataillon (infantry units) or "chef d’escadron" (mounted units) 3 gold bars together + 1 above a small gap
Lieutenant-colonel 3 bars together + 2 above a small gap, gold-silver-gold-silver-gold
Colonel 3 gold bars together + 2 gold bars above a small gap
Colonel-major 3 gold bars together + 2 gold bars above a small gap + 1 smaller gold bar transversed horizontally by a thin red line above a small gap
Général de brigade 2 gold stars
Général de division 3 gold stars

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