The African Union (AU) is an international entity that currently consist of representative of all countries on the African continent save for Morocco which left after the AU recognized the government of Western Sahara whose territory Morocco claims as its own.

The AU's aim is to promote peace, democracy and stability on the continent trough dialogue between its members as a way of conflict resolution.

To prevent local conflicts from getting out of control and to be able to impose sanctions against rogue governments and non-government entities, the AU has created over the years various ad hoc contingent of armed peacekeepers.

The AU has attempted since 2003 to set up an African Standby Force that could be mobilized at a moments notice but has so far had mixed results with its regional components.


Soldiers under African Union command wear normal national duty uniforms and insignias but replace their head gear with a forest green beret with the African Union emblem in front or a green helmet with the Letter "AU" or "UA" painted in white at the front.

They add a green armband with a white white horizontal band with the letters "AU" and "UA" on each side on the Union's emblem with the band being bordered copper.

Some contingents also appear to have a full colour national flag on their upper shoulder often with the country's name on the arm without the armband.

At least one contingent (Rwanda) has been observed wearing forest green ascots on parade.